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The Darkest Age is looking for writers and game designers! We are actively seeking contributors to the Game Masters’ Companion. If you’re a Darkest Age fan, player, or Game Master, and want to contribute to this new product, let us know!

Send a writing sample and resume to info@darkest-age.com.

Please be certain to proofread your sample!

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Help us get that body count up!


Every good RPG needs some extra bad guys and especially some good ones! Have you been playing any epic campaigns and want to share your zombie killing bad-assery with the rest of the roleplaying world?

Of course you have!

The Darkest Age is set to release a new addition shortly, and we need more bodies! Show off your playing and creating skills, submit your characters, and get credit in our upcoming supplement, The Corpse Catalog! Yes, it really is that easy to let the world know that you’re not just playing a game, you’re killing it!

Submit your player characters and NPCs to us for consideration for inclusion in our upcoming supplement. Here’s your chance to be famous and share that great character or NPC you’ve been using. If your NPC(s) are selected, you will be contacted and have recognition in the credits! Here’s what you do:

1. Download the editable character sheet PDF. (Link below)
2. Fill it out with your awesome NPCs or player characters.
3. Limit background story to 400 words or less.
4. Spell check!
5. Email your PDF submission to info@darkest-age.com

Downloadable PDF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t8i2sq1mebldsda/DA_character_sheet_std_102.pdf
(You must download the PDF, changes cannot be made to the website document itself.)

If you have more than one NPC idea, please do submit them! Multiples may be accepted. Villains, heroes, shady merchants, holy men, we want them all!

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The Darkest Age
Take your zombie fandom to the next level with The Darkest Age, a horror role-playing game. Using the common and easy to learn d20 rules system this horror roleplaying game explores a grim alternate history where the Black Plague doesn’t just kill people, but turns them into zombies! We’re offering discounts on the printed book, the PDF and the bundle!

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Pre-Release Discussions

01_solicitus_mortisWe’re getting feedback from the advance reviewers. One of the things I wanted to address here is the intentional vagary about the plague and it’s origins. In the Darkest Age game setting, the Black Plague is the cause for a zombie uprising. The medieval societies of 14th century Europe are forced to adapt to this new world or die.

This is a brutal and grim setting – perfect for Walking Dead fans, World War Z fans, and the D&D fan with fascination with the necromantic side things. It’s a fun and exhilarating setting, where the enemies are much more subtle and insidious than mere undead.

Our advance players are asking one question again and again: Is the plague biological or supernatural?

I tell them all the same thing: I don’t know.

They look at me for a minute, about to become upset or prepare another barrage of questions – obviously, I know, I helped write the thing!


Well, yes and no. We intentionally left that part vague. As a GM, I appreciate the freedom to improvise for situations, and as a player, I appreciate the unknown. A big part of gaming is exploration and discovery. If we all knew that these zombies were just the result of a plague – well, that’s pretty awful, but it’s not as awful as the unknown.

Likewise a question we’re seeing often is “How does it work with animals? What if I eat an infected deer? Will my character get the plague?”

Probably. But maybe your GM has something else in mind? Maybe just if you eat plague rats? It’s a safe bet most folks are on a limited meat diet in the Darkest Age!

Be creative GMs! Keep your players guessing. A deer might have plague-carrying flea, but not be susceptible – that same flea might bite the cook who prepares the venison. In a world without microscopes and a strong concept of germs and virology, it’s all just a die roll!